miércoles, diciembre 14, 2005

Muestra de Juan Jose CAMBRE en NEW YORK

Juan José Cambre va a realizar su primera muestra individual en la ciudad de New York. Expondrá a partir del 10 de diciembre y hasta fines de enero en Hogar Collection Gallery.

Se mostrarán trabajos sobre tela recientes y la instalación “45 grabados verdes (Crataegus)” Grabado sobre papel , 405x549 cm, 1999-2005 -expuestas en la Galería de Arte Wussmann durante septiembre y octubre de este año, adaptada al espacio de la galería neoyorquina.

Hogar Collection Gallery
111 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hogar Collection Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Juan José Cambre. This will be Cambre’s first New York solo show. Using a subject and technique that he has been cultivating since around 1999, the paintings in the exhibition concentrate mostly on foliage and trees, where the subject is engaged in a play of light and color. They portray the feeling of lying on the ground underneath a big tree on a bright and sunny day, musing at the branches and leaves. The paintings create an almost pixel like depiction of silhouettes that similarly evoke a blur: like the dots of color you see when you look directly at the sun. As described by Maria Gainza the paintings are, “Tenderly discerning the evanescent and cloudy translucence of all things around us, the colors melt on the canvas in a muted rhapsody of shades that render a situation in subtle flux: At times the atmosphere is light and feathery, at others the shadows grow thick and menacing.” The origins of these works are in photography, where he photographs, "the light filtered between the branches of a tree, the shadow cast by these branches or glittering water. He does not seem to take an interest in material things, but rather in transitory situations where the light has a particularly romantic effect on nature.” (Ines Katzenstein) The photo is then transformed in the studio, where he translates it with paint to create a visual negative of the subject. Painting the subjects with an even flatness, the works reveal quite the opposite, which are full of depth and perspective. As well they become introspective Zen-like meditations that leave the viewer with thought provoking questions rather than with answers.

Included in the exhibition at Hogar Collection Gallery, Cambre will present new works on canvas as well as one large installation of 45 prints consisting of various shades of green.

Juan José Cambre lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work has been shown extensively in Latin America and has been included in major exhibitions respectively.

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